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18 gennaio 2010

Wannabe a paper puppet ♥

Lou avec son Milkshake - The Pinpals
Lady Spired - Crank Bunny
Bear paper Puppet - Furzechan
Gost Pirate - Goobeetsa

November and December - Wool & Water

Hungry Dog with Milagro - Hungru Dog Design

4 commenti:

  1. eheheh bellissimi ed ecologici!

  2. yeye! You put the pinpals in there! Isn't their stuff neat? I love Wool and Water too, its awesome :-) I like the idea of regrouping different paper puppets. THey're really fun, I think I might try and make some hehe Xx

  3. I fell in love with Pinpals at the first sight!!
    Their works are so original and delicate :)
    We have had the same idea ^___^ couse I wanna try to make some paper puppet too <3

    anyway...Pinpals rock!!

  4. Hai vinto un award sul mio blog! :)



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