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13 aprile 2010

One Doodle a Week - New Illustrations !

© Mafalda Laezza - Pinkrain

7 commenti:

  1. Your work is lovely. I jsut spotted one of your listings via Etsy.
    Have you been published/design used by a company before?

  2. thanks for your kind words :)
    unfortunely I never worked with a company of any kind, couse I learned all by myself , I'm a self-taught. I did not study illustration or graphic, but I would like to attend a course of this kind as soon as I can

  3. I adore your work :D
    it really is amazing :D

  4. thanks danielle :)I'm so happy you like my illustrations!

  5. I love the nerd glasses one, its so nice!

  6. Thanks Liam!! The Crim Collective is amazing!
    I totally love your work :)

  7. Thanks a lot, im glad you like :). Definitely looking forward to seeing more from you!



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