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25 marzo 2012

Cute Working Spaces - Pinterest picks

These are 3 cute examples of Working Spaces/Labs/Craft Rooms I've found via Pinterest.

Originally pinned by Sally Redfield onto Do-able Home ideas.

Originally pinned by Rebecca Marsh onto Creative .

Originally pinned by Rucita Vassen onto Space

 I can't wait to have some space like this one day!
These rooms are adorable and full of amazing supplies :)

If you want to see other Craft Rooms pics
Follow the Craft Room Board on my Pinterest page:

4 commenti:

  1. I'm following :)

    You inspired this > http://danielleyc.blogspot.co.uk/

    :) Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. Hi Danielle, I'm really happy I've inspired you!
    happy sunday :)

  3. magari poter avere uno spazio così a disposizione >_< sono bellissimi! ♥

  4. io qui a Terni ho una piccola stanza, ma non posso arredarla più di tanto perchè sono in affitto e tra due mesi andiamo via :/
    e una craft room senza una Motivational board ( bacheca dove attaccare tutte le cose per trarre ispirazione) non è una craft room



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