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17 giugno 2012

New projects and collaborations - Oplà minishop

This is a promotional postcard I've drawn for the OPENING of Oplà Minishop a temporary indie craft shop in Rotterdam! The opening party will be on Friday 20th July at 5.00 pm. In the shop Teresa will sell only creations and illustrations by ITALIAN indie designer. SAVE THE DATE and don't miss it! The temporary store will run from 20 july until 2 september. You can read more about this project on the blog:



4 commenti:

  1. Bellissima questa card/invito!!
    Vien già voglia di acquistare :P

  2. grazie Ire! Teresa deve stamparla su carta colorata, per questo è in B/N ...sono curiosissima di vedere come verrà! Infatti ora faccio qualche prova di stampa su cartoncino colorato che ho qui :)



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